Thursday 3rd December 2015


Overcast and drizzly start to the day today.  001 reported that the Waimarino, Waiotaka and Tongariro rivers were fishable this morning. It feels a lot more humid now as we have just got into Summer.  Hopefully the wind of the Spring is gone.  Mind you it appears that once the sun comes out, the wind picks up.

001 was out with his mate the "Red Panda" on Lake Taupo the other day.  They picked up some nice fish harling. 001 reports that the fish were in good condition with only two small ones.  It appears that depending on what part of the lake you are in depends on what type of fish you are picking up with some other anglers reporting catching plenty of nice conditioned ones that are just undersize.


(Below) This photo and email from last weekend is thanks to Michael and Carol:

Hi Jared
Saturday afternoon we found fish difficult to hook-up solidly fishing down and across with wetfly. Sunday morning found them more co-operative, mostly mending fish but a couple of fresh fish kept the wife wary of the reel handle as they stripped off line!
On the walk back to the car a Red October was seen hugging a drop off, we enjoyed watching it feed for sometime, a fish in the double figure league.
Michael and Carol



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