Saturday 3rd December 2016


Fine and sunny start here in Turangi today.  No wind first thing this morning. This may increase during the day though.  All rivers are clear and fishable.

Today would be a fantastic day to basically do any kind of fishing.  It would be nice to be trolling, harling or jigging out on lake Taupo, fishing the river mouths into lake Taupo should also be good, fishing Lake Otamangakau or Lake Kuratau would be worth a look too as well as exploring the rivers.  Too many things to do and too little time to do it !!!

The pick of the rivers would still have to be the Tongariro but for those who like a bit of variety try exploring some of the smaller ones. For those who are keen on spotting fish and fishing to them, then the smaller rivers would be worth looking at for this. 

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