Thursday 2nd February 2016


Wow has it been hot and humid! Great for the cicadas though ! It is funny that in the middle of Winter you dream of temperatures like this but when you get this you dream of the cooler temperatures of Winter.  I have had a few anglers who can't wait for Winter now so they can cool down.

The cicadas are chirping madly and the fish are feeding quite well on them now. Definitely worth banging a cicada out.

I headed down the lower river on Tuesday.  My boat captain did a great job and have nicknamed him "Captain Kirk". Must have had about 20-25 fish come up to the cicada.  Mostly greedy little rainbows with the odd brown or two interspersed with that. Missed a few takes as the fish tended to push a bow wave in front of it and when they opened their mouth this bow wave tended to push the cicada fly away from them. Great fun to watch though !


(Above & Below) A couple of browns estimated at about 8-9lb each.



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