Saturday 4th January 2017


Fine and sunny start here in Turangi this morning. A little on the crisp side first thing but so far no wind. All rivers are fishable. The cicadas are chirping madly now, almost deafening. Fish are rising to take the cicadas. 

Plenty of anglers out jigging on Lake Taupo as well. Seems to be grey ghosts and green orbits still working well. 

A few more anglers are heading up to Lake Otamangakau with the better weather. Pheasant tails appear to be on the menu up there.

The pictures below are thanks to my Japanese mate Hide. He has been fishing the Tongariro River over the last few days and has been having a bit of fun using the cicada.

hide tongariro river big brown cicada feb 2017.jpg

(Above) Hide caught this good sized brown trout using a cicada the other day on the Tongariro. 

(Below) This was quite a long rainbow landed by Hide. The Tongariro River is a highly underestimated Summer fishery.  I like fishing here as the access is really good and you can then head into town for a coffee and some lunch before attacking another part of the river.

hide tongariro river rainbow cicada feb 2017.jpg

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