Sunday 4th February 2018


Fine and sunny!  A bright blue sky ... cool and crisp for a change !  No wind as of 9:30am. The Tongariro is nice and fishable.

Wow!!  It is hard to believe the humidity of the last few weeks has finally disappeared and we are now experiencing some cooler temperatures ..... hard to believe that 23 degrees actually feels cool from the 29-30 degrees days that we have had but in the winter with the fire going and it is 4 degrees outside, 23 degrees is like being in a sauna !!

Hard to know what the Winter will be like this year ... we had really nice hot temperatures early before Xmas this year, so if we got heat early, will we get cold early ? We must be due for a freezing Winter!

My roving reporter was out and about ... I'll have to nickname him Sauron as his eyes are everywhere ;-)

Jens headed over to Lake Otamangakau yesterday but when he arrived he found it quite windy.  Today should be a different story. There is a great shot of all of the vehicles and boat trailers lined up in the carpark.  Most of these will most likely be the Hamilton Angling Club. 

There have been some good reports from Lake Otamangakau over the last week or two .... especially of anglers dodging huge rainstorms and thunderstorms.  Most reporting catching on bloodworms and snail patterns in the last week.


lake otamangakau fly fishing jens 1 feb 03022018.jpg

(Above) A pretty full carpark at the boat ramp at Lake Otamangakau yesterday.

lake otamangakau fly fishing jens 2 feb 03022018.jpg

(Above & Below) Quite windy on the lake yesterday under the shadow of Mt Doom !

lake otamangakau fly fishing jens 3 feb 03022018.jpg



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