Friday 4th March 2016


Fine and sunny start to the day. All rivers are clear and fishable.

I decided to head out for a fish last night with my Swedish mate Kjell. We headed out a little early to hopefully get in a nymph then a dry fly fish and then go with the wetline to see if we could get a brown trout.

Kjell was querying me as to why I always catch fish when he doesn't and I explained to him about mending and drifting of your nymphs. When we got to the river I told him where I thought the fish would be and basically to get a good drift through that part of the pool.  I explained about line control and drag free drift. After about 10-15 casts he hooked a fish.  He thought it was a small one but turned out to be a good looking rainbow which he lost about 2 metres from the bank !! 

Fish started to rise so I changed to the dry fly and got one a small one on a caddis.  That slowed down so we then changed to the wetline but found it a little quiet.  After a few casts I hooked a nice little silver rainbow that jumped and flipped out of the water and put up quite a good fight.  Kjell landed a tiddler and also had another take but that was about it.


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