Saturday 4th march 2017


Mainly fine in Turangi this morning with some cloud about. A good SW breeze is blowing.  The Tongariro is highly fishable. The wind must have been pretty strong last night as a few gusts kept waking me up.  With the feel of this weather it almost feels as if Summer has gone and a switch has been flicked and we are into Autumn straight away.  Temperatures have cooled a lot too. 

I met up with my Swedish mate Kjell ( pronounced shell) last night.  He is back in New Zealand once again to enjoy a spot of fishing here in Turangi. We went out to see if we could get some browns on the Tongariro last night. 

(Below) We started off nymphing but this turned out to be very slow.  I managed to hook one nymphing.

viking 3 kjell 03032015.jpg


Then a small rise occurred with a few fish popping the surface and a few fish were rising so I changed to the trusty Sporting Caddis. After about four casts a fish slurped my fly and I was on. It stayed under the water and felt like a brown .... sure enough it was.  It ended up being 6lbs according to the Mclean's Weigh Net.  A nice plump fish that is well worth catching in between seasons. 


(Below) A nice plump Autumn run brown trout from the Tongariro River.

viking 4 kjell 03032017.jpg

(Below) Nice and fresh

viking 5 kjell 03032017.jpg

(Below) Quite fat across the shoulders.

viking 6 kjell 03032017.jpg

(Below) The very next cast after landing the brown I hooked this rainbow. They fight completely different to the browns. 

viking 7 kjell 03032017.jpg

(Below) About 3 casts after landing the rainbow in the picture above I landed this good sized rainbow.  Wow they put up such a great fight !  These two rainbows were also caught on the Sporting Caddis.

viking 8 kjell 03032017.jpg

(Below) A great photo of Kjell fishing the Tongariro last night for big browns. Unfortunately he hooked one and lost it.  He said he didn't want a photo until he catches a fish. The bonus of last night was we remembered the coffee !

viking 1 kjell 03032015.jpg

(Below) Swedes are well known as tough and hardened Viking warriors.  Since Kjell didn't want to appear in a photo I took a shot of a cousin of his. A mighty and fearsome warrior called Sven.

viking 2 kjell 04032017.jpg

(Below) A picture of Kjell a few years ago showing a facial expression of why Viking warriors were so feared in Europe ! I'm going to get it next time he sees me !

viking 9 kjell 03032017.jpg

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