Tuesday 4th April 2017


1:00pm  The Tongariro is still at a fishable level  ... possibly will change later in the day.  Good steady heavy rain falling as I am writing this ..... what's happened to the anglers from this morning .... where's the Tenacity of anglers these days ?? .... a drop of rain and they all scarper .... back in the old days  ... you know like 15 years ago anglers would be giving it death on the river.  These conditions are ideal for the sinking line, skagit and spey rods and everyone goes home ... until conditions are right ??  Anglers have the top technical clothing and gear to handle the weather these days ... not like the days of the leaky oilskin coat and scratchy woolly jerseys. The river comes up a bit and they all seek comfort and shelter ....  

The river is currently flowing at about 65 cumecs and is still remains fishable  ... geeze I've caught fish at 110 cumecs ...

bridge pool 3 tongariro river 04042017.jpg




Overcast with good steady rain falling.  Potentially could get heavy later in the day.  Currently flowing at a fishable level of 46 cumecs.  As of 8:30am the Tongariro is highly fishable with either the nymph or wetline. No wind either.

bridge pool 1 tongariro river 04042017.jpg

(Above) 5 anglers fishing just below the S.H. 1 road bridge at 8:30am this morning. 

(Below) Looking upstream from the S.H. 1 road bridge.  The Tongariro is highly fishable this morning. This may change later in the day due to heavy rain that is forecast. Will try and keep you posted throughout the day on any major developments. 

bridge pool 2 tongariro river 04042017.jpg

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