Wednesday 4th April 2018


Fine and sunny with some cloud about. A slight breeze blowing. The Tongariro is clear and fishable. 

Wow!! The leaves have really started to drop off the trees here in Turangi at the moment.  Autumn is well under way.

General reports are anglers are seeing a lot of fishermen, but not a lot of catching. At this time it would seem that this would "sort the men from the boys" so to speak.  This is where getting the basics right with your fly fishing will produce dividends. 

For example

Not staying in one place and casting to the same place all day long

Failing to lengthen or shorten your leader depending on where you are fishing if nymphing

Failing to use the right weight of fly if nymphing or sinking line for where you are fishing 

Failing to get the right drift of your flies if nymphing

Failing to change your flies to something different if nothing is working  

Failing to actually give another method of fishing a go if one method is not working

Failing to identify what parts of the river may most likely hold fish

Failing to do any of those may result in you spending a lot of time FISHING rather than CATCHING ??


In saying that, pretty much every time I go out I get something.  It is not a case of there are just no fish there .... more a case of fishing to SEE if they are there.

My suggestion is never wait to go fishing .... go fishing to enjoy fishing ... keep an open mind and learn as much as you can ... as I have said in the past .... don't listen to those who are not catching anything, listen to those who are catching something consistently ! 


However ... over the years there is always someone who is catching something that lots of other people never see.  This email and photos were sent in this morning thanks to Peter Lawrence who looked to have a great time catching something. Peter writes:

Hi team
Had a great morning fly fishing this morning, 2x 7lb Browns. I put it down to great flies from Sporting Life and a little bit of skill.... and a great vehicle to get me there ;-)


peter 2 lawrence browns april 2018.jpg


peter 1 lawrence browns april 2018.jpg




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