Wednesday 4th May 2016


Fine with some high cloud about in Turangi this morning. Calm with basically no wind being a bonus for the fly fisherman. All rivers are clear. Turangi is looking fantastic at the moment as the oak trees have really turned different shades of reds and orange. Other trees are vivid yellow.  The town was planted with these types of trees when it was basically established for the "works" and the trees are now maturing.  The idea of providing shade in the summer and losing the leave in the winter to get the much needed sun.  For the bach owner .... the leaves have just started dropping and will really lose a lot more leaves towards the end of the month, so before getting the rod out for a flick upon arrival, quite a bit of work will be needed to be undertaken to deal to the leaves !!

Some anglers were in the store yesterday reporting seeing some good sized fish in the Tongariro ( which I suspected to be browns ).  They provided them with "hours of casting practice" ;-) , however I have also heard some others managed to catch some.

Some anglers have reported how slimy the river is but in the past "slime means nymphs". The nymphs love the slime and with the lack of rain / flooding then there should be an abundance of nymph life. 

Also take care when wading with this slime as you may find yourself going from the vertical to the horizontal in very quick time !

Rain? From past experience this usually arrives in abundance in the last week of May and usually colours the river up.

Might pay to have a look at some of the mouths now, especially at night. The Delta still worth a go during the day.  


(Above) Just one angler fishing below the S.H.1 road bridge at 1:00pm today.


(Above & Below) An explosion of colour here in Turangi with a full Autumn display.


(Below) Looking West towards Lake Taupo.




(Above & Below) Where is the town of Turangi ?  Can't see many houses in amongst the trees !


(Below) The colours are just amazing at this time of the year. 


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