Thursday 4th May 2017


Fine and sunny start to the morning here in Turangi today. A cold lazy breeze blowing from the SW. The Tongariro is fishable.

Bbbrrr ... it feels like Winter is well and truly underway. Best dust off those thicker fleeces to go under your waders.  Feels colder earlier this year compared to last year.  Definitely more water in the river this year compared to last year when due to lack of rain the river got down to about 18-19 cumecs and you could hardly drift your nymphs.  This year is the complete opposite. We could be in for a chilly one this year !! Some good runs have already entered the rivers.

These days I wait for the hardy souls to head out to the river at first light and get frozen, then when they head back home to warm up and have some breakfast I find that is the best time to get out once the sun is well up over the yard arm .... fish till mid afternoon before the crowds descend upon the river at last light to once again freeze! Roll on Summer ... 

A few good reports from the Tauranga-Taupo over the last week or so.  Might pay to go and have an explore. 

There have been some really nice fish turning up in most rivers with anglers complimenting the condition of them this year.

I received this photo and email thanks to Bill Kratzel this morning. Bill writes :

   Big o yesterday . Bill from Canberra

Notice the slightly "rugged up" look .... a hint that the weather is on the change .. mind you, you could be dressed like this in the middle of Summer up at Lake O !


bill kratzel lake otamangakau  may 2017.jpg

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