Friday 4th May 2018


Fine but low cloud/fog this morning. No wnd as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is highly fishable but Andrew reports it still has a bit of colour to it. 

Some really nice rainbows have been picked up over the last week.  Great nymphing using greencaddis and flashback pheasant tails.  A few look to have run last week with the rain that we got.

Quite a few good sized browns have been picked up on the wetline over the last week in the Tongariro River.

I was out on Tuesday evening and there was even an evening rise.  A good hatch of Mayflies just before dark.  Mostly smaller fish rising but the odd good sized splash in amongst them.

 fly fishing tours 1 new zealand tongariro river 01052018.jpg

(Above) This is looking upstream at the Boulder Reach on my exploritory fish on Tuesday. There was a heap of silty mud on the edge that when you waded through it, it sent clouds of brown silt wafting away. The pool seems to have got a bit shallower but appears to be a nice gravel bottom. This should be great for later in the season. The old dead pine tree skeletons are still visible.  The only thing growing profusely now are more pine trees and heaps and heaps of willow trees. I guess getting rid of the pines has opened up the canopy to allow more light in to allow the willows to proliferate.

fly fishing tours 2 new zealand tongariro river 01052018.jpg

(Above & Below) I went for a look to the Upper Birches pool and found a good sized Kowhai tree in the tail of it. With the weather we have been having there have also been reports of a big pine tree across the track down to the Reed Pool.

fly fishing tours 3 new zealand tongariro river 01052018.jpg

(Below) I ended the day at the Major Jones Pool.  Most anglers will recognize the big oak tree on the town side of the bank. The evening fishing is a bit tricky here as you get the sun directly in your eyes.  Standing in the shade of the tree makes it a bit easier to see your indicator !!

fly fishing tours 4 new zealand 01052018.jpg

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