Saturday 4th July 2015


We had a slight bit of rain overnight but the Tongariro remains fishable. The last two or three days has seen some very happy anglers. Most are nymphing and seem to be doing pretty good. 

I received this email and photos earlier in the week thanks to Brendon Li.  Brendon writes:

Hi Jared

Here’s a couple of photos and action from Monday this week.

It was fine until about 8.30am and then it started blowing an absolute gail.  The river still had a nice touch of colour in the deeper pools. In between gusts I was managing to get hooked up and land a few.  First time I had been down since the floods.  Most of the lies I usually fish have changed.  Biggest shock was when I went to fish the head of the hydro and realised there wasn’t one anymore!

Got absolutely smashed off by a couple of bruts that took me down to the backing.   Was good fun, but very was frustrating.  Might need to rethink my hook size this season as the fish average was well up on last winter, and may turn out to be even better than the 2013 Winter, which I think was the best.

Of the ones I did manage to get into the bank, this fat hen was the best one of trip… a chunky silver torpedo that pulled the net down at 6lbs.


Brendon Li


(Above & Below) Some very nice fish landed by Brendon.  The Hurricanes might be able to use the one below in the final .. spin it out to the wing !


(Below) More delayed coverage from my trip around the river on Sunday last week. This is looking upstream from the Red Hut bridge.


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