Monday 4th July 2016


Fine and sunny. -2.9 degree celcius frost this morning. Light airs. All rivers are fishable.

I'm back on deck after a week off so will have to do a bit of interrogation of anglers to find out whether any have been telling tall tales or not !! Anglers are well know for bending the truth somewhat ;-) especially when it comes to the size of their fish.  Fish always seem to grow once they have been caught and the story that gets told and retold always seems to increase the size of the fish.  Also how many that get caught ;-)  Over the years anglers have told me how many they have caught but when it comes time to ask them to send in photos then ...... they never seem to have a camera on them ? 

We had a huge frost this morning which will have frozen guides on rods and then you will have been casting away all of a sudden to find that your casting turns to custard and you wonder why ..... the culprit is the quick build-up of ice on your guides which impedes the flow of the line through them ..... four ways to solve this .... 1. De-ice with cracking ice out of guides with fingers, 2. dipping the rod into the water to remove ice as the water is warmer than the surrounding air, 3. waiting until the sun is up over the yard-arm so that the temperatures are warmer, 4. Go fishing in the summer only. 

I really enjoy fishing these nice frosty, calm, sunny days.  Quite a few anglers shy away from this but it is just like fishing in the middle of summer with the exception of the temperature. The colour of the water looks great and in the clear conditions you can sometimes see a silver "flash" of a trout building a redd.  This gives their location away a little easier. 


frosty morning.jpg

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