Thursday 4th August 2016


Overcast. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro got up to about 110 cumecs overnight but is now back down to about 46 cumecs.

A few anglers have been caught out with conditions .... the old saying you should have been here a few weeks ago .... you know when we had sunshine day after day and 16 degree celcius temperatures and anglers didn't want to fish because there was no rain ... you know when you could have had virtually the whole river to yourself .....  

A few anglers have commented at how many anglers have been out and about but I did say ages ago to go fishing in those great conditions and have virtually any pool to yourself and observe mayflies hatching while the weather was so fantastic ;-)

The Firemen are on the last day of their competition today and will be heading home tomorrow.  Will check out to see what happened at the Prize giving tonight.

(Below) I received this email and photos yesterday thanks to Martin Boyle. There's more to fishing apart from catching fish ... I like Martin's style .... he looks like he is really enjoying himself ! Martin writes - Sharing The Experience:


Had a great day yesterday on a “small” river out of the Tongariro congestion.

Took a friend with me as an “observer” and caught, smoked and ate the local bounty for lunch.

Where else in the world do you do this? Looking forward to a few more great days over the few months.  


martin 1 boyle aug 2016.jpg


martin 2 boyle aug 2016.jpg


martin 3 boyle aug 2016.jpg


martin 4 boyle aug 2016.jpg

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