Saturday 4th August 2018


Overcast here yet again in Turangi today. No wind or rain as of 9:30am.  The Tongariro is highly fishable for either the wetline or nymph this morning.

It's not too far away until we are going to be inundated by the pine pollen. Usually this shows up the middle of this month. It is not uncommon to be standing there and a wafting yellow cloud will pass you by. Terrible for hay fever sufferers but keep an eye on the catkins. Observant anglers might notice something about those.

 We've had a few anglers reporting seeing what appear to be rising fish on the Tongariro over the last week. Might be a bit early or it could just be porpoising fish.  If it is early .... bonus ! The thing with angling is if the oppurtunities present, then change your tactics to suit.  Don't let your brain say " I see rising fish " and then let your brain say " but it is too early so I will wait later in the year until the fish are rising " which is what most likely 90% of anglers will do.


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