Friday 4th September 2015


Overcast sky today but calm. After the last two or three weeks of being flat out it appears the anglers have disappeared. Where have they gone? Caught too many fish?  Freezers are full ?

The temperature seems to have plummeted as the morning has worn on.  Possibly could expect some snow about the tops.

My roving reporter was out and about this morning and took the following pictures for me.


(Above & Below) The Waiotaka Ford at about 11:30am this morning. The Waiotaka is a neat little river to fish, which is actually quite a challenging river due to deep holes and swirly currents and overhanging vegetation. Also if you want a MEGA challenge ... fish it when it is gin clear !




(Above & Below) The Judges Pool at about 11:45am this morning. The Tongariro River has changed a bit in places and is worth an explore to see these, even better is to work out how to fish the changes ;-)



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