Tuesday 4th October 2016


Overcast with the odd sunny spells. The Tongariro is fishable and flowing at about 33 cumecs. No wind as of 9:30am. No rain as of yet either.

It appears that there have been not many reports over the last few days .... a few complaints ;-)  I guess it is a bit like missing an episode of Coronation Street for some !!! However I am back on deck once again and should hopefully get up to speed once I have caught up on things.

I received these photos and email the other day thanks to Michael & Carol. Michael writes:

Dropped by late last week in the shop, got my usual Rio 8lb tippet which you always have in stock, thanks. Fished two days coming across pods of fish in most places, getting plenty of hits on the spey/skagit setup but only turning 15% into hook-ups! Never the less the fish landed where in great condition from 45-50cm with some very stubborn fish fighting in right till the end.  Kept this jack fish which was around 1.5kg with nice firm red flesh, pan fried in butter it was delicious.
Hope to see you later in the month.

tongariro river fly fishing michael 1 sep 2016.jpg

(Below) Nice fresh orange fillets.

tongariro river fly fishing michael 2 2016.jpg

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