Thursday 4th October 2018


Overcast cool start to the day here in Turangi today. No rain or wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable. 

I went out for a flick after work yesterday to see if I could catch the evening rise since it was such a nice evening.  On days like we had yesterday you should really take advantage of those conditions.

I got to the river and spoke to a couple I knew for a while. They were just about to leave. While we were talking the odd fish rose here and there which looked promising. The sun was still on the water. After they left I decided to nymph.  I picked up one pretty much straight away which took my bomb.  I fished for a while and basically had no other touches. The light faded quickly but the fish stopped rising. The Mayflies were hatching furiously but there were no rises ? I changed my nymph set-up and fished and fished and eventually hooked another fish which was quite a good one that got off .... no rises, nothing ??  I thought this was strange considering the number of Mayflies hatching. I was wondering if the fish may have been feeding all day and weren't interested in anything else.

I even tried the Mayfly dry and dropper and didn't get anything come up to hit it ? I thought maybe the fish were now waiting for the caddis rise.


03102018 dry fly fishing tongariro river 1 sporting caddis jared.jpg

(Below) The Mayflies were coming off the water and I reached out and plucked this one out of the Sky.

(Below) The fish I hooked nymphing on the Bomb.

03102018 dry fly fishing tongariro river 2 sporting caddis jared.jpg

(Below) I decided to sit down on a rock and rest the pool waiting for the Caddis hatch. I changed my dry to a Sporting Caddis in anticipation for the hatch.  While I was sitting there I noticed a small rise about a meter out from the bank. While sitting down I flicked about two meters of fly line and my leader out into the water and let it swing around to where I saw the little rise. I just left it in the current and about two minutes later ... WHAMMO !!  I hooked the monster of the deep ! 

El Sardino !!! Boy did it fight .... I am quite impressed by these little fellas.  Their eyes are bigger than their bellies.

A lot of anglers get too hung up on the size of fish they catch ... me I quite enjoy catching anything. I like these ones in the Summer when you are using a 1 inch long cicada and a 3 inch trout comes up and has a go at it ! 

03102018 dry fly fishing tongariro river 3 sporting caddis jared.jpg

(Below) Even the caddis hatch where I was never really got going.  A few sluggish rises here and there. I eventually hooked this trout on the Sporting Caddis.

03102018 dry fly fishing tongariro river 4 sporting caddis jared.jpg

(Below) The caddis really start to hatch just on dark.  If you come home and you can see then you have come home too early. This photo below clearly shows where the fish are rising. If you have trouble seeing them, then your ears and hearing become an essential tool to fishing the rise.

03102018 dry fly fishing tongariro river 5 sporting caddis jared.jpg

(Below) The Sporting Caddis.  I came up with this design of caddis dry fly around 2007. I fished with it for a few years before I gave the pattern to Umpqua to tie up around 2009. Since then it has been a firm favourite for many anglers. 

03102018 dry fly fishing tongariro river 6 sporting caddis jared.jpg

(Below) Another fish taken on the Sporting Caddis. Most fish you catch will be recovering rainbows. The odd good sized brown should be caught in the next month or two.

03102018 dry fly fishing tongariro river 7 sporting caddis jared.jpg

(Below) Last night I hooked this quite nice rainbow on the Sporting Caddis. It almost seemed fresh run. This fish really went nuts flipping and jumping.

03102018 dry fly fishing tongariro river 8 sporting caddis jared.jpg

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