Wednesday 4th November 2015


Time is marching on as we head towards Christmas !  It is not that far away now .... not too sure where the year has gone !  I must be getting old ..... the years are disappearing at a great rate of knots. The worrying thing is the school kids say the same thing .... Having dealt with a few "mature" customers over the years I have had some interesting conversations ... in particular ones on retirement.  I said "must be great you have all the time in the world to go fishing" to which I have had replies along the lines of "we do the same amount of stuff but it takes us three times the amount of time to do it so it really doesn't give us more time to go fishing!" to things like your body falling to bits as you progress in years.  I said to one angler "if you don't use it, you lose it" to which he replied .... "if you don't use it, you don't wear it out !" There is no real come back for that one ! So, getting back to the fishing point .... you should never wait to go fishing ..... just go ... Time Waits for No One !

We had some good heavy rain early in the morning making a good noise on the roof.  We were really needing some rain as the wind was drying the place out quite a bit. The vegetation is now starting to take off so those who own baches/holiday homes might need to sharpen the mower blades .... one angler came in the other day to say he had to mow the lawns at the bach. I said "that is cutting away at your fishing time" .... I said "why don't you employ a sheep to mow it for you so you can go fishing ?" Employing a mild concentration of roundup will subdue it for most of the summer as well ... you see if you enjoy fishing, you should make it your priority to not carry out any work so you will have more time to fish !! 

The Tongariro is still fishable this morning and we have no wind for a change.


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