Friday 4th December 2015


Overcast start to the day today.  No wind at this stage and no rain either. All rivers are fishable.

I'm hearing little whispers and murmurs at the mention of smelt in various places now, along with green beetle. Usual time of year.  Still sounds like a mixture fish in terms of condition from slightly under legal size with good condition to some good crackers, to spent or recovering fish out on Lake Taupo.

The following photos are thanks to Jens Muller-Buckland who .... apart from organizing and taking part in parties is kind of finding a bit of time to go fishing here and there and trying to remember if he has actually caught anything or not ! After progressing in seniority he has found that it seems to be taking longer to get things done and finds now that he may need an extra week here in Turangi to fit in some fishing after doing all of these other things !


(Above & Below) Jens with some good sized fish up at Lake O.


(Below) Not only is Jens an expert at catching fish but he also caught this Hare and Copper nymph on his Woolly Bugger ! How is that for skill ?



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