Tuesday 4th December 2018 


Overcast with the feel of rain but no rain as of 9:00am.  No wind either.  The Tongariro has come up about 5 cumecs overnight to about 28 cumecs this morning. It is still highly fishable at this level.

We have had some good heavy rain over the last few days.  I am really missing the sunshine that we got in October !! The only thing this rain is doing is making the grass grow like mad, so those of you who own holiday homes will be mowing a hay paddock !!

The odd report of the odd cicada hatching when the sun comes out.  This is still early days.  They get going, give us a bit of hope and then cold temperatures usually shut them down until mid January again. Still, it might be different this year.  If this humidity and rain keeps up we might be in for quite a good season this year. 

(Below) Jens sent in this picture of Lake Otamangakau from last week. His efforts up there haven't been great so far this year.   A few weeks back him and Uwe went up there the rain was that hard they couldn't see the road and sat in the car !

 I asked him where the photo of the fish was with this picture.  Jens writes:

Hooked up , broken off, the fish surfaced 6 more times after breaking off about 20-25 meters apart, shaking his head furiously as it cleared the water in big jumps and splashing back into the drink. Last seen clearing the horizon and disappearing around the bend of the head land…..

No more flies

I said " on the flies you got yesterday " ... he said 

Yes. Never had antics like that before. Amazing to see and hear the splashing. I only lost the fly and perhaps a small bit of leader. Clear break


lake otamanagakau fly fishing jens nov 2018.jpg

(Below) A little bit more delayed coverage from a week or so ago thanks to Pat Dobson.  Pat writes:


Hi Andrew and Jared

Thanks so much for your extra service and help this weekend and the previous.  Going the extra mile to sort out gear for us was awesome. Here are a couple of photos of our girls first trout caught on the Tongariro ( with a bit of dad help)
Pat and Mark( the monster)

pat dobson 1 tongariro river fly fishing nov 2018.jpg


pat dobson 2 tongariro river fly fishing nov 2018.jpg



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