Thursday 5th January 2017


Fine and sunny start to the day in Turangi today. As of 9:00am a slight cool, crisp breeze. All rivers are fishable today.  The Tauranga-Taupo carried some colour to it yesterday. The wind was screaming through the place yesterday but OH what a day makes.  Today is almost the complete opposite.

We had a lot of rain on Tuesday which coloured up the Tauranga-Taupo river yesterday. Yesterday the rain eased to sunshine but it blew like you wouldn't believe!! Not many boats out on Lake Taupo yesterday.  I took a trip up to Taupo and didn't see one. However today should be a different story.

The pictures below are from the Waitahanui River mouth yesterday.  The Lake has been really high over the last few months and the rip is coming out straight from the S.H.1 road bridge. Waves were crashing into the artificial reef and the rock wall on the other side of the mouth.  From where I was standing I was getting spray blown onto me.  Last summer I saw a guy surfing here !!!  Should have stopped for a picture !

waitahanui1mouth 04012017.jpg

(Below) The "surf" at the Waitahanui Mouth yesterday afternoon.

waitahanui2mouth 04012017.jpg

(Below) A little bit of delayed coverage from the other day thanks to Bart Burgers. Bart helped Aiden to get his first trout on the fly in the Tongariro River.

aiden bart jan 2017.jpg

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