Friday 5th January 2018


9:15am  The river has shot up to 85 cumecs and is what I would now call unfishable.


Overcast with the odd bit of intermittent rain. The wind is just starting to pick up a little bit.  The Tongariro is only flowing at about 50 cumecs, is a brown colour but would be fishable with a wetline in these conditions. This may change later in the day.


brown 1 water 05012018.jpg

(Above) The Tongariro flowing at about 50 cumecs this morning.  Not overly high and if I was on holiday here to fish I would have been out with the wetline and a big black fly in these conditions possibly targeting a big brown trout or two.  This may come up a bit more later in the day so caution should be placed on where you wade if you did fish the river today.

(Below) A light brown colour to the water.  Not overly high in volume though. Once again it looks like the micro climate of Turangi missed most of the storm that came through last night. 

brown 2 water 05012018.jpg

(Below) Looking upstream from the SH1 road bridge at 8:30am. 

brown 3 water 05012018.jpg

(Below) This picture was from almost identical conditions way back in 2014. The river was brown and flowing at 58 cumecs and this day I landed three browns similar to this one.  Most other anglers came down to the river, looked at it and went home ? You will notice how brown this water is here.  So long as the volume is not too great then it is worth fishing.



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