Monday 5th February 2018


Overcast, cool. No wind or rain as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is nice and fishable by either the wetline or nymph.

The cooler weather appears to have shut the cicadas down. It was only 17 degrees this morning. Most are enjoying the break from the humidity. 

We had a good fishing story yesterday.  Michael and his son Thomas went for a fish down in the lower Tongariro on Saturday ... they had a pig of a day fishing ! Caught nothing .... but .... check out what was trying to catch Thomas !


mike swarbrick 1 pig 03022018.jpg

(Above & Below) Pigs may not fly but they sure can swim ! This wee pig took a shine to Thomas and kept chasing him.  A few other reports from anglers have also indicated a small pig down by the river. It seems very friendly and appears to want pats!

mike swarbrick 2 pig 03022018.jpg

(Below) This photo and email was sent in yesterday thanks to Neil. Neil writes:

Gents ,
Thanks for picking me out some flies on Friday for the coloured water. This was my second of three on Saturday.

NEIL ( from Scotland )


neil tongariro feb 2018.jpg

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