Wednesday 5th April 2017


2:50pm Heavy rain back in town.


1:00pm Currently flowing at 338 cumecs. The picture below shows the river has come up a few more feet this morning.  More along the lines of "too thin to plough and too thick to drink".   Not quite able to plant your spuds in there yet.  A few good sized logs were racing downriver.  You might need a few exploratory flies to sacrifice to find the snags once the river recedes.  We've got plenty in the shop here to sell you for this finding mission once the river settles. 


sporting life turangi 6 flood 05042017.jpg


10:15am  Currently flowing at 318 cumecs.  This should be a good flush to move a lot of the "subway" fish / juvenilles out of the rivers and flush them back to Lake Taupo.  Over the next few weeks boaties may end up catching quite a few of these. Once the river settles then this should move the first good runs of rainbows up river.  The flood from about two weeks ago looked like it moved some nice fresh rainbows into the Tongariro with nice rainbows reported up to 5lbs in weight.


9:10am The river is now up to about 264 cumecs.


Overcast.  No wind as of 9:00am.  Light rain falling at times.  Heavy rain from overnight has eased.  As of 8:30am the Tongariro is only flowing at about 200 cumecs. Unfishable.  The river hasn't really come up much overnight. The picture below is from 8:30am this morning just by the State Highway 1 road bridge. It is still not completely bank to bank .... one would almost say it would be worth fishing the edges in certain places with a woolly bugger :-) No cause for concern at this stage.

More rain is forecast for today so this may change later in the day.  If the rain eases off today / tomorrow then the river could be well worth a fish on the weekend.

sporting life turangi 2 flood 200 cumec 05042017.jpg

(Below) A shot showing the underside of the bridge.  The supports still haven't been covered yet. This is only what I would call a minor flood.

sporting life turangi 1 flood 200 cumecs 05042017.jpg

(Below) A shot of the river yesterday showing the flow at 66 cumecs.  It was still highly fishable here.  I have also marked on this photo the rough height of the 2004 flood.  That one was a massive flood.

sporting life turangi 3 flood 04042017.jpg

(Below) A shot I got of the SH1 road bridge from the night of the 2004 flood showing the level about 1 hour before the river peaked.  Being part of Search and Rescue we were tasked to knock on doors and evacuate people along the river.

sporting life turangi 4 flood feb 2004.jpg

(Below) Here is a chart I have compiled to show today's flood in the "Grand Scheme" of things. As you can see it is only a drop in the ocean so to speak.

sporting life turangi 5 flood april 05042017.jpg

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