Thursday 5th April 2018


Fine and sunny. A stunning Autumn day. A slight breeze as of 1:00pm. The Tongariro is clear and fishable.   

Wow the weather is just outstanding at the moment. Still 20 + degrees celcius out there.  The calmer more settled weather has brought on a little bit of dry fly fishing activity. Mostly smaller fish rising but reports over the last few days of quite a few rising. Try a very small parachute adams. 

Also at the moment as I said the other day / week.  Now is the time to try and bag a big brown trout if you are interested in catching one of these. There are reports of them hanging around the river mouths and also in the Tongariro at present.

We received this email and photo this morning thanks to Rod Stuart ..... Rod was exercising his rod and writes ...

Hard couple of days but ... persistent casting very very light leader. Boom



rod stuart brown trout april 2018 named.jpg


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