Tuesday 5th June 2018


Overcast. Warmish. A morderate wind from the SE, gusty at times.  The Tongariro is highly fishable at 28 cumecs. We were very lucky over the weekend and we missed most of the rain that the northern part of the North Island got. As a consequence the river has been fishable all weekend.

There were plenty of anglers turn up for the weekend.  The Tauranga-Taupo carpark had about 15 cars parked up there on Sunday. Most other carparks on the Tongariro had cars. I had to work in the shop on Saturday.  It was really busy in the shop.  Most people pleased to turn up for the long weekend. Andrew went most places and found cars parked everywhere.

So far I haven't heard from catch rates.

I decided to have a weekend off to do some other chores and ended up going for a quick fish yesterday afternoon.  I decided to explore the " No Name " pool up from the Red Hut, Waddels and Poutu. There is some nice looking water up there.


 tongariro river 1 fly fishing 04062018.jpg

(Above) One angler nymphing the " No Name " pool.

(Below) Just above the " No Name " pool looking upstream to the Waddels Pool.

tongariro river 2 fly fishing 04062018.jpg

(Below) THe Waddels Pool.  The intersting thing here was that for a really busy weekend, I never saw a single footprint up here.

tongariro river 3 fly fishing 04062018.jpg

(Below) Getting a nice drift in the clear water.

tongariro river 6 fly fishing 04062018.jpg

(Below) I must have got the " School Pool " on Moday afternoon.  I hooked tiddler after tiddler. The funny thing was all the fish took glo bugs for me yesterday afternoon.  A week or so back most took the green caddis. These little suckers did put up a great fight though !

tongariro river 5 fly fishing 04062018.jpg

(Below) I hooked a tiddler on the 2nd cast, a couple of cast later I landed this fish (notice the cut out of the dorsel fin). I released this one and about three casts later I hooked another fish which smoked me, then just tiddlers after that.

tongariro river 7 fly fishing 04062018.jpg

(Below) They were all just smashing the glo bug.

tongariro river 4 fly fishing 04062018.jpg

(Below) Walking back to the car I found this fish.  I am not sure if this got washed up on the bank from the flood last week. 

tongariro river 8 fly fishing 04062018.jpg

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