Wednesday, 5th July 2017


Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today.  A light frost. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro has just a tinge of colour to it today.

Anglers were pulling fish out left right and centre yesterday in the Tongariro ..... amazing what a bit of rain does and a touch of colour.  Both nymphing and wetlining has been working well. Most wetlining are taking out Gold Bead Olive Woolly Buggers and the nymphers mostly glo bugs.

Appears to be a ton of anglers around town and down .... some saying far too busy, however if you head up river you may be there most of the day by yourself ;-)

With the new regulations that have come into force we had Herb Spannagl in the shop yesterday who was making the most of the change to the new bag limit. It has gone from being able to take three fish per angler per day to six fish. Also remember that the size has also changed from 40cm down to 35cm.

Some anglers are hot under the collar about this but put it in context to the 1980's when the bag limit was 8 but there were way more anglers around. The 3 bag limit had been in place since 1991 and it was about time this was looked at and raised. Remember you had your chance to say what you wanted about 12-18 months ago when submissions were asked for ! The majority of anglers that responded indicated that a rise in bag limit would be a good thing.


 herb spannagl 1 six bag limit 05072017.jpg

(Above) Herb Spannagl with a six bag limit.

herb spannagl 2 six bag limit 04072017.jpg

(Below) So you think the river is busy ??? There is a dirty four letter work that ends in K that quite a few anglers these days don't seem to want to do .... have you guessed what it is ??? 

@#$K or in other words  WALK !

Here is the Silly Pool from Monday with no anglers as far as the eye can see .... Over the last 17 years I have always found a place to fish with very few anglers being around .... if that is what you want of course ...

Others enjoy the company and banter of other anglers around them ... other anglers are prepared to wait for ages sitting on the bank while others do something about finding a place to fish.

I remember many years ago getting to a "hot spot".  It was a place where only one angler could fish at a time.  One angler was fishing it and six were sitting on the bank waiting to fish ... bugger this I thought .... I walked up the river crossed over, walked back down the other side ( a total of about 15 minutes )  and proceeded to fish opposite the other 7 anglers ;-)

The beauty of that was I was the only one there on that side ....  

silly pool tongariro river 03072017.jpg


cicada pool 3 tongariro river 03072017.jpg

(Above) The White Cliffs of Dover ?? Nope supposedly the "Pumice Cliffs Of Cicada"..... this was on Monday afternoon.

(Below) A nice easy pool to fish.  Notice the olivey colour to the water from Monday.

cicada pool 2 tongariro river 03072017.jpg

(Below) I hooked a fish on the first cast.  I also had a fish on that came in close to the bank and another fish ended up chasing it around ....

cicada 1 pool tongariro river 03072017.jpg

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