Wednesday 5th August 2015


We got some good rain late yesterday afternoon / evening which brought the Tongariro up to about 56 cumecs but this has dropped right back over night to a highly fishable 38 cumecs. This should be ideal for the wetliners. It should have enticed a few more fish to run as well.  If there is a touch of colour to the river then this will be a bonus for you. 

The pictures below were sent in thanks to local fishing guide Bryce Curle. He was out for a fish with Paul from the States.  Paul had been here for a few days and he was having a real shocker of a time in terms of gear failures such as leaking new waders, snapping the tip off his rod and he ended up heading out with Bryce ..... all of those issues I think were forgotten !


(Above) Brings a new meaning to "Flying Fish"

(Below) Paul and a slightly coloured up rainbow. I'm wondering if he managed to catch his flight back home ?


(Below) Paul and a silver ingot.



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