Friday 5th August 2016


Overcast with high cloud here in Turangi today.  No rain as of 9:00am and no wind either.  The Tongariro is fishable at about 42 cumecs. Ideal for both wetlining or nymphing. 

We attended the prize giving for the Firemen last night which is usually quite a good evening. Looks like one small group "scooped the pool" so to speak.  The heaviest rainbow for 3 days weighed in at 2.242kg (4.943lb). The interesting thing was that there were no browns weighed in. The last few years there have always been some that have been weighed in.

Generally speaking to anglers this year the browns seem to have been a little thin on the ground in comparison to the last 5 years or so. Conditions should have been ideal to hook a few with the higher water and colour to the rivers but this didn't appear to be the case. Also anglers haven't been calling into the shop to get us to weigh them and photograph them like the previous years.

The Firemen looked to have had a good time with a few struggling to find fish but others doing quite well. Usual story of 10% of the anglers catch 90% of the fish ;-)  going by the picture below even if the fishing wasn't that great for some it is still better than working and a good chance to catch up !

firemans fly fishing competition aug 2016.jpg


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