Saturday 5th September 2015


The day broke fine and sunny !!  Boy is it good seeing some sunshine for a change. Hopefully enough to dry the ground out a bit. This year has been a lot wetter than the last few and kind of reminds me of the weather we had here in Turangi in the 80's. We haven't really had much sunshine over the last month or so.

A few anglers turned up late yesterday afternoon ready for the weekend. Over the last week, a few more anglers have taken out natural nymphs.  Keep your eyes peeled from now on for Mayflies as they may possibly start hatching from time to time.

Possibly another three to four weeks away and we should start to possibly see some dry fly activity as the days get longer and the "sun" comes out a bit more .... roll on Summer.

With the flooding we have had this year we should expect to see recovering fish blown out into the Lake from the rivers a little earlier to start their feeding cycle.  This will bode well for the Lake anglers heading this way for Christmas / New Year. It will give them time to fatten up a bit. 

The river may see spawned fish a little on the lean side this year with the apparently less nymphs around due to the good flooding scouring the riverbed clean.  The past years have seen these fish put on condition quite quickly once they have spawned to become good strong fighters on the dry. 



(Above & Below) This is local fishing guide Bryce Curle doing some fishing on his "days off" from guiding others.





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