Tuesday 5th September 2017


Fine and sunny this morning.  Felt like a frost too. No wind as of 9:00am however this may increase during the day.  All rivers are fishable. The Tongariro is nice and clear. 

I managed to get out for a flick on the Tongariro yesterday and had an enjoyable day with a FULL day of sunshine and blue sky. It is the first time fishing for a long time where I didn't need a heavy raincoat to fend off copious amounts of rain or wind.

I hooked a fish in my first cast !  Bonus.  The water was nice and clear. I have now started to pick up a few recovering / spent / kelt fish.  Most likely around 25% were like this with the remaining ones nice and fresh.  I would say we are on the turn for more recovering fish to start showing up.  

The fish were feeding on small natural nymphs. I noticed a lot of Swallows working the water as well.  I saw the odd Mayfly hatch and the odd fish slash the surface.

Just remember that it is usually the recovering fish that will provide some awesome dry fly fishing over the next few months.

To possibly catch the better fish then an early start or late finish may come up trumps.

jared a 7 tongariro river 04092017.jpg

(Above) A nice fresh fish landed yesterday on the Tongariro River.

(Below) The Breakfast Pool later in the evening.

jared a 9 tongariro river 04092017.jpg

(Below) Note the eye on this fish.  It appeared to be blind in this eye most likely from being hooked in it, however it could still see well enough to take my bomb.

jared a 1 tongariro river 04092017.jpg

(Below) I had a few darker fish on the nymph yesterday.

jared a 2 tongariro river 04092017.jpg

(Below) A rather large hen which has spawned and is now a kelt / recovering fish. Notice the concave belly to it where it has lost its eggs.  These fish will remain in the river and feed on the Caddis, Mayfly and Stonefly nymphs to regain condition. If there are any big floods they should get pushed back to Lake Taupo to begin feeding on the good food in the lake ready to run again next year.

jared a 3 tongariro river 04092017.jpg

(Below) A nice fresh fish landed yesterday.

jared a 4 tongariro river 04092017.jpg


jared a 5 tongariro river 04092017.jpg


jared a 6 tongariro river 04092017.jpg

(Above & Below) Another couple of nice fresh fish.

jared a 8 tongariro river 04092017.jpg

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