Wednesday 5th October 2016


Overcast, some sunshine out. No wind. The Tongariro is fishable as of 9:00am. We had some heavy rain start at about 4:00am this morning but the Tongariro is flowing great and is basically clear. Looks a bit olivey colour in the deeper parts.  Perfect for wetlining and nymphing. 

(Below) Anglers down below the S.H.1 Road bridge at 8:15am this morning. 

tongariro 3 river 05102016.jpg

(Below) The joys of fly fishing !!  Most probably spend more time sorting out tangles than actually fishing .... I have been there and done that too !!  Once you sort the tangle issue out, fly fishing becomes really good. Even those with the most patient natures usually "lose it" at some stage due to tangles, hooking the bushes all the time, or finally catching trout only to have most of them bust off ..... I bet over the years there have been a few expletives yelled out on rivers around the country!

tongariro 2 river 05102016.jpg

(Below) Looking upstream from the S.H.1 road bridge to a highly fishable river. So, if your "rivers are Kak!" as one Hawkes Bay angler said to me yesterday, get in the car and make a beeline for here.  Heaps of fish in the rivers here too ;-)

tongariro 1 river 05102016.jpg

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