Thursday 5th September 2017


Fine and sunny start to the morning here in Turangi today. No wind as of 9:00am - this may increase later in the day and could become quite strong this afternoon. All rivers are clear and fishable.

There has been some great fishing over the last few days. It has been quite busy in the shop with the school holidays but I spent a bit of time on the river over the last few days and saw very few families and kids out and about. 

I even managed to hit some fish on a dry fly mid afternoon yesterday on the Tongariro.  There was a good hatch of Mayflies.  I noticed a few fish take them but you had to watch carefully for the rises. Better conditioned fish appear to be taken on the wetline.

The following photos and email is thanks to Mark Buttar.  Mark writes:

Jared - One for your "strange-looking fishy album". This one had a big hole in her gill plate. She obviously went back to carry on fighting...


I've also caught a few fish like this over the years with part of their gill plates missing.  Not sure how it happens but sometimes it looks like a clean cut.

mark 1 buttar spring 2017.jpg

(Below) Mark writes:

Hi Jared - had a couple of outings to the Tongariro over the past few days. Lots of fresh fish in the system, with most in very nice condition. These are some I picked up on the wetline a bit north of the township. Brown and olive woolly buggers along with orange rabbits were doing the damage.

I'll get my Dad up next time to join in the fun.

Regards - P.Nut


mark 2 buttar spring 2017.jpg


mark 3 buttar spring 2017.jpg


mark 4 buttar spring 2017.jpg


mark 5 buttar spring 2017.jpg


mark 6 buttar spring 2017.jpg

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