Monday 5th October 2015


Wowzeers!!!! The wind has picked up big time this morning!! While driving thru Tokaanu this morning I had to come to a clean stop in order for a branch to sail past me across the road! So hopefully the wind dies down soon for you fellas out there. (I'm sure that it will, because it has to, because I said that it had).

On Saturday morning I worked in the shop and what a busy morning. A lot of our anglers were setting off to Lake Otamangakau, one group of people hired our pontoon, and others came in getting their flies for their Big O expedition. I heard that it was quite windy out there on Saturday so not too sure how it went out there fishing wise. Hopefully everyone had fun out. 

We had an angler in from Wellington this morning and he said that the river is still fishing fantastically and what made it even better was that nobody was out on the river, so now might be a good time to enjoy the river to yourself. Glow bugs, red hare and coppers, and small glo bugs are popular, also small green caddis' are popular too. 

Below is a picture of my little buddy who is staying down here from Auckland for a year, I'm hoping that if he continues to catch fish like he does it will make him and his family stay! As you can see he is pretty chuffed with himself. He went out for a fish on his own last week, got himself organised and fished in the river, the spot he chose wasn't a usual spot to fish in but he was successful and got a nice fish from there. As you could imagine his angler father was pretty proud of him for doing it all himself! Another plus of living in Turangi!!!






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