Thursday 5th November 2015


The day broke fine and sunny with quite a gusty, chilly SE wind which is supposed to ease later in the evening (I'd like to see that before I believe it).  

The Tongariro came up a bit yesterday and was fishable all day but unfortunately the STRONG wind will have put off the anglers who were teetering on the "shall we go or shall we not go" thought process.  By the way the weather was it would have probably been better to sit inside and get your flies and equipment ready for when things calm down !

The most predictable thing I can say about the Spring is that the weather is generally "unpredicatable" !!!!! Yesterday one would have thought we would have slipped back into Winter !

The wind has been making it a little tricky for the boaties, river mouth anglers and river anglers in general, however 001 was out at one of the mouths the other evening and caught this rainbow lurking off there.  Reports indicate some fresh fish still running the rivers.  If they are running the rivers then they will be passing through the mouths.  Might be able to intercept a few browns starting to come up the rivers too.  They will trickle in over the next month or two.








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