Wednesday 5th December 2018


Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today with a cold blustery wind. No rain as of 8:45am.  The Tongariro is highly fishable flowing at 25 cumecs.

I'm still playing a bit of catch up with all of the photos I have been getting over the last few weeks.  The fishing has been pretty good for most anglers. The Tongariro is chokka full of fish and the levels have made it easy to fish. If this keeps up then one would expect quite a few of the Spawn to hatch and if the conditions remain ideal then plenty should survive ..... and become Brown Trout food later in January / Feb / March / April.

The following pictures and emails are thanks to Jason from River Birches Lodge.  Jason writes:


Happy Fisher, Giuseppe Rozzo of Sydney is all smiles Monday as he holds his first very rainbow trout. During his first 15 minutes ever fly fishing Giuseppe caught and released this fine rainbow hen while fishing the Tongariro’s middle reaches. Giuseppe later admitted that it did help that he was with fishing guide Andrew Christmas. 


Jason Bleibtreu

River Birches Lodge


river birches 1 trout turangi dec 2018.jpg


Happy father and son. Robert Rozzo and his father Giuseppe share a smile Monday morning moments before releasing a rainbow hen caught on the Tongariro River’s upper reaches. Robert and Giuseppe are visiting from Sydney and look forward to their week long adventures here in Turangi. 

Jason Bleibtreu
River Birches Lodge

river birches 2 trout turangi dec 2018.jpg

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