Saturday 6th January 2018


Overcast. A gusting breeze as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is flowing about  140 cumecs as of 9:00am.  A very light brown and I would say almost fishable in certain areas with a wetline / skagit gear. The river has dropped a lot overnight from the peak of 726 cumecs yesterday. We got hit by some heavy rain during the day which was pretty solid stuff.


january 726 cumec 5 flood 06012018.jpg

(Above) The condition of the Tongriro River after the 726 cumec flood of yesterday.  This is flowing at about 140 cumecs according to the flow website.

(Below) Looking upstream from the S.H.1 bridge at 8:30am.

january 726 cumec 6 flood 06012018.jpg


january 726 cumec 1 flood 50012018.jpg

(Above) The flow at about 550 cumecs at about 5:00pm last night

(Below) The flow at about 7:00pm last night  ... notice how much it had come up in just an hour or two. It was raging and very dirty.  The thing with big floods like this is you can smell dirt.  It was moving really fast too and had some good sized logs racing downriver with lots of debris. We have a good fly selection in store at present for those who want to explore and find where the new snags will be ;-)

january 726 cumec 3 flood 05012018.jpg


january 726 cumec 2 flood 05012018.jpg

(Above) The river at 5:00pm yesterday after work looking upstream from the S.H.1 road bridge. (Below) The same shot at about 7:00pm. The vegetation has almost disappeared !  Notice the debris in the water ?

january 726 cumec 4 flood 05012018.jpg

(Below) So, most people who witnessed this flood would have been amazed at the size and power of it, however in the grand scheme of things .... it is still not really a biggie. Over the years that have been some good floods that have been forgotten ... and also the weather patterns that have produced those floods have also been forgotten.


sporting life turangi 5 flood april 05042017.jpg


(Below) This is taken out of the book "The Freshwater Admiral" and gives a description of the big 1958 flood.  The ironic thing ... or coincidental thing is that this BIG flood occurred 6 days before the 2004 BIG flood which happened on February 28th 2004, so were the weather patterns similar ?

flood 1.jpg


(Below) The following information is thanks to the Target Taupo Magazine November 1998 Issue 29. This shows a small table of some good floods since the 1958 flood which by most accounts will have now been long forgotten.  It would be interesting to note at what time of year these floods occured. 

There were two floods in the space of a short time in 1998 and I think these were the floods which caused the "Rock" that everyone used to stand on just above the Mangamawhitwhit Stream / Hydro Pool to disappear.  There were some major river changes after these floods.  I am pretty sure that the gravel road down the true left back to the Delatours Pool got washed out after that too.


flood 2.jpg

flood 3.jpg


flood 4.jpg


flood 5.jpg


2004 flood.jpg

(Above) This is the level of the water under the S.H.1 road bridge that was just before the river peaked in the 2004 flood. One could say there has been a lot of water under the bridge since then"" ... and a fair few floods too !

(Below) This was the debris buildup on the upstream side of the S.H.1 road bridge in 2004.  Logs were jammed up and the digger was brought in to pick them up and drop them on the downstream side.  

I checked the upstream side of the bridge first thing this morning but it was basically clear.

flood 7.jpg


2004 flood bridge with tree.jpg

(Above) The Major Jones Bridge got smashed up in the 2004 flood by trees slamming into it

(Below) This shot is a good one to show you how high the bridge is above the water level !

2004 flood major jone bridge high.jpg

(Below) A twisted Major Jones Bridge that needed some serious repairs after the 2004 flood.

2004 flood major jones bridge.jpg


2004 flood silt bridge lodge.jpg

(Above) This was the lawn in front of the Bridge Lodge a few days after the 2004 flood.  Notice the silt deposited ?

(Below) The silt was scooped up to remove it and to keep the grass growing.

2004 flood silt in front bridge lodge.jpg





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