Thursday 6th April 2017


Overcast with the odd spot of blue sky poking through. The odd shower here and there.  The wind has picked up a bit today .. feels like from the NW. The Tongariro has dropped to about 176 cumecs. Still brown and unfishable ... should be good to go by the weekend. 

flood tongariro river 2 turangi 06042017.jpg

(Above) The level of the Tongariro River as of about 8:15am this morning.  The river has dropped a lot from the peak of 346 cumecs from yesterday.  Once again Turangi missed most of the weather that the rest of the country got hammered by.

(Below) Looking downstream from the SH1 road bridge.  Land has reappeared to the left of the picture once again.  One would almost fish the edges in selected spots if one was keen.

flood tongariro river 1 turangi 06042017.jpg

(Below) Looking upstream from the SH1 road bridge.  Quite a lot of water came through the channel to the left of the picture during the flood. Right below me I saw the only angler on the river that I could see .... a huge Shag was diving in and out of the water. 

The river should be fishable by the weekend for both nymphing and wetlining. I would say that fish in the river will possibly gorge themselves on the nymph life that was in there just prior to the flood.  There were lots of white caddis and Mayfly nymphs there just prior to the flood.  Usually these get dislodged from under the rocks and swim around once the river settles and the fish just can't help themselves.  Over the next week we should see some VERY nice conditioned rainbows turn up in the river that will have got the scent of the river drift into the lake. 

flood tongariro river 3 turangi 06042017.jpg

(Below) Just to prove I don't lie about things like the blue sky.  This appeared over us at 8:30am.

flood tongariro river 4 turangi 06042017.jpg

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