Friday 6th April 2018


Fine and sunny start to the morning here in Turangi today.  No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable.  

Andrew reports that a digger has commenced scratching around just below the Hydro Pool to open up a channel there. The optimists amongst you may think that if it puts some colour into the water then this may be an advantage to you.

These are part of planned riverworks for the Tongariro River.

Some may panic at suspended sediment in the water, however a few diggers scratching around in there for a few days are still not going to move as much sediment as a 3-400 cumec flood will.

A touch of colour may help most anglers at the moment who have struggled to contend with clear water.  Some fantastic Autumn fishing conditions at present.  Most likely fish as you would at the height of summer .... light leaders, probe the water with your flies, move around a bit, fish the riffled water.  


digger in hydro pool 1 april 06042018.jpg

(Above) "Boom down Johnny .... boom down" 

(Below) The digger working its way to the side channel just below the Hydro Pool.

digger in hydro pool 2 april 06042018.jpg


Here's a little bit of light humor for you today.....

A customer walks into a tackle shop and says "Where's the old fella?" to which the sharp as a tack shop assistant says "which one are you after? "  



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