Monday 6th July 2015


Overcast today with a little bit of wind at this stage.  The Tongariro is highly fishable. Had a few Dad's and kids in over the weekend to get licensed up for the holidays, also a few that were heading up the mountain only to find that their time would have been better spent fishing. 

Had some great reports from anglers over the last four or five days.  Before the flood about 90% of anglers spoken to were catching something, the week after the flood about 50% of anglers were catching something and now possibly about 80% of anglers are back to catching something. Most raving at how good the fishing is. 

Quite a few anglers appear to be nymphing with about 90% spoken to in the shop nymphing and the other 10% wetlining. 



(Above) We've tried to get around the river to see what sort of changes there have been since the flood a week or two back.  This is looking off the cliff above the Duchess Pool a few days ago.

(Below) Looking upstream to the Cattle Rustlers Pool.

The best advice is after a flood is to get out and beat the feet and see things for yourself.  


(Below) Found on Friday last week (3rd July).  If it is yours please email or call 07 3868996 

evans fly box.jpg

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