Wednesday 6th July 2016


Fine with some high cloud. A light frost to greet Turangi this morning. All rivers are fishable. No wind at this stage however this did pick up quite strong yesterday around mid day.

The rivers are quite clear at present but if you do the right things you should get the results :-)

Anglers go fishing for a variety or reasons, some like myself like to disappear and do my own thing and enjoy a day off work, others like the social side of fishing - spending time with mates and telling tall tales and getting away from the family for a break. Some like to just do it even though they catch nothing. Some like to catch only big fish, some like to just catch fish (any fish) and others would still like to catch "just one fish!". 

The picture below was sent in yesterday thanks to Kerry.  He was here in Turangi fishing for a while with some of his mates from the South Island. Now, you are probably wondering at the brightly coloured appendage is that is hanging from the net clip on his wading jacket .... is it a new fandangled net ? Is it a fish attractor ? Is it to hold his make-up and lippy ?  Nope .... apparently it is a punishment ...... see below 

Penalty for most lost fish each day must wear the Pink Lady bag on the net hook from one fine session to the next. Lost fish also includes a penalty shot of chilli vodka - I cannot recommend it. Cheers


pinky lady.jpg

(Below) A picture of the Kamahi Pool sent in thanks to Paddy.

paddy kamahi.jpg


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