Thursday 7th July 2017


Overcast, cool.  No wind or rain as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is fishable this morning. Looks like rain is on the way for the next four days.

This rain should keep fish moving up river. As we head towards the Spring we should get more rain and the runs should increase with more fish numbers. August is usually a busy month angler wise with lots of clubs turning up. So far this year there has been some great fishing already .... a bit more like the old days ??  I wonder if it has also has something to do with the fact this year has generally been wetter so far. More consistent rain seems to have fallen so far this year and the river has come up a flooded quite a lot. In previous years things have generally been a lot drier with very low and clear rivers.

The level of Lake Taupo has dropped quite a bit over the last month which some anglers are enjoying being able to fish the river mouths.  A few anglers have headed out to the Waimarino Mouth now with this drop in level and some good rips have formed at the delta.

The last day or two have seen anglers really happy with most catching fish.



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