Friday 6th July 2018


A bit foggy this morning with another frost. Not as heavy as yesterday. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro River is clear and fishable.

Just had a few reports from anglers trying to access their licence online via an Apple Device and have had a few problems with processing the payments.  I would suggest using a PC, or call into the shop as we can still do licences in the shop for you.

A report from a boat angler yesterday who did quite well trolling on Lake Taupo using a leadline with between 5-7 colours using Traffic Lights and Spotty Golds. 

With the low and clear conditions one should get an early start at first light using glo bugs if nymphing, however once the sun is up then I would suggest using 6lb fluorocarbon leaders and small flashback nymphs. Also try naturals such as green or white caddis. My suggestion would be to fish through the pool first with a glo bug, but if you have no success then head back through using some different flies. These dry, frosty sunny spells with low and clear water almost lend themselves to Summer fishing. Also fish some of the riffled shallow water and you might be surprised at what you can pick up.

(Below) Peter Carty was out swinging on the Tongariro River yesterday and managed to pick up this rainbow. He said it put up a good fight and was almost 4lb.  He was fishing in the upper river.


things to do in turangi peter carty fishing tongariro river 05072018.jpg

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