Thursday 6th August 2015


Due to heavy overnight rain the Tongariro is unfishable.  It is currently running at 192 cumecs as of 8:45am and looks to still be rising. Now up to 252 !

9:50am  Boss reports Hinemaiaia and Waitahanui are fishable. Good colour in the Hinemaiaia.

A good day to relax inside and tie a few flies for when the river clears, or seek alternative locations and methods. 

The rain started here in Turangi at about 11:30pm last night and was quite heavy at times during the night.


Over the last week or so it appears quite a few anglers have been wetlining with the slightly higher flows and as the river starts to come down it would be a good idea to get these out and dust them off and give them a burn !

A few anglers who are already here have been in the shop this morning.  There are two types to describe 

1. Those wanting to go fishing and find an alternative to keep their addiction going ....... and 

2. Those who put up barriers to trying something new or somewhere new. 


Anglers in the shop yesterday reported some good fishing in the Tongariro but said there weren't many anglers around.  Kind of strange as I thought the river would have been festooned with anglers after it rising up a wee bit from the night before.

Reports from anglers have been a bit conflicting over the last few weeks with some reporting not many anglers around and others saying there have been lots.

A report from the weekend thanks to Jerry. Unfortunately for Jerry and Paul they might have to do the same thing after this newest flood to re-learn the river.  That is the bonus of floods it gives you a new river to fish ;-) Jerry writes:

Hi Jared

Missed you at the weekend when Paul and I came down for a flying visit; we decided to fish the entire river rather than head for our favourite spots which were full of concrete booted anglers, and basically walked, over 2 days, from The Reed Pool all the way up to the Boulder Reach, fishing every pool and the water in between – fascinating experience and found a few great new spots that looked undisturbed by humans! 

It wasn’t the easiest fishing we’ve had, the combination of clear water and a higher flow meant adaptation was needed, but eventually we got amongst them. 

Attached a selection of the catch – 2 jacks and one arm, which was expertly and painlessly dealt with by Graham – swirly winds, 15ft leader and a bomb made casting tricky.

Catch you next time





(Above) A nicely coloured up rainbow caught.

(Below) Another gnarly old rainbow jack.


(Below) The "catch o the day". He was lucky it went straight into bare flesh !  I had one impaled in the back of my arm that went through a fleece jacket ... a bit of a bugger that as you can't take off the jacket until the hook is out !




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