Saturday 8th August 2016


Overcast with light rain falling at times.  The Tongariro is fishable.  Plenty of snow around the hills today but things are still fishable. A few anglers thought it was just a tad chilly fishing on the river today. Roll on summer !!!

We had a busy day today with anglers calling in to check out the Winter Fly Fest with a chance to test cast rods from Sage and Scott. Check out some more pictures on our facebook page once Andrew manages to get around to loading.

I was bit busy to get anything done today so will have to go for a fish on my days off ;-)


winter 2 fly fest 06082016.jpg

(Above) The casting demo was held at the Turangi Aquatic Centre (Turtle Pools).  This is Rene Vaz from Manic Tackle demonstrating two handed casting. 

After the demonstrations, there were chances for anglers to test cast a good range of rods from Scott and Sage.

(Below) Matt from Manic took anglers through the construction / maintenance and repair of Gore tex fabric for waders and wading jackets.

winter 1 fly fest 06082016.jpg

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