Sunday 6th September 2015


Fine and sunny start to the morning with a strong gusty SW wind blowing. Not very helpful for the fly fisherman but then every day can't be perfect !

A few anglers have commented on the Tongariro being very clear once again which appears to be catching a few anglers out who fished a few weeks ago with the water containing some colour to it.  This should start to separate the men from the boys when it comes to catching fish. The colour makes it easier to catch fish, but knowledge makes it easier to catch fish when things change.

I received the following email and pictures yesterday thanks to Michael.  Michael writes:

Hi Jared
The river fished well for me the last 2 days, Thursday I fished one of the new skagit heads on the market on my 6wt. 9 footer and had a fantastic session swinging wets. I lost count on the hits and grabs, eventually landing about 8 fish. Friday I concentrated  with using the little Spey rod getting a steady stream of fish through out the day, but it really came to life on dusk landing and losing some great fish, big hits and blistering runs with lots of jumps. I was glad 10lb leader was on the end to land this 64cm fish.
And still another few months of this to come! Its an old saying but “THE TUG IS THE DRUG!” Tight lines to all.



(Above) A cracker 64cm rainbow landed by Michael.  Now here is a bit of challenge for you. Email me and tell me how heavy you think this fish weighed.  Also think about the rod being a Spey rod with a rather long and large handle.



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