Tuesday 6th September 2016


Overcast with some clear blue sunny patches. Warm.  The Tongariro is highly fishable this morning for both the nymph and wetline. This sort of weather may get the Mayflies hatching ..... keep your eyes peeled!

Andrew got asked a question yesterday about an angler catching quite a few trout with scars on them and he was wondering what the possible cause could be.

The last few times out I have also caught a few fish like this too. There may be more than one cause.


1.        Shag Strike - shags grab the fish with their sharp beaks.


2.        Poor handling - using dry hands to touch a fish can possibly cause fungal infections on fish and also breaking through their protective slime, also sliding fish up on to hot dry rocks can be another cause.


3.      Using nets with knots - preferably get a knotless mesh or rubber mesh which is more fish friendly


4.      Taking a battering in a flood - fish may get knocked about during a flood


5.       Shag worm burst out the side


fly fishing taupo shag 1 strike aug 2016.jpg

(Above) This fish was most likely attacked by a Shag.

(Below) Not sure with this one? but it looks to have had a rough time.  Part of the gill plate looks to have been cut off.

fly fishing taupo shag 2 strike aug 2016.jpg


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