Wednesday 6th September 2017


Overcast with the heavy heavy rain from overnight abating. No wind as of 9:00am. Due to heavy overnight rain the Tongariro is only flowing at 42 cumecs but Andrew said was brownish colour. 

An angler just in the shop said he did quite well this morning with touch of colour.  He reported mostly all fresh fish. The river may come up a bit more during the day, however if there is colour to the river this may help you.

Another angler just in the shop said they landed 9 this morning. I guess you just have to be here to make the most of the opportunities. Some will seek the opportunities, others will say "nope .... I will wait until it gets better."

Boy did it hose down overnight !!!  The rain kept me awake for most of the night !

I received this email and photo yesterday thanks to Charlie Dixon who fished here over the weekend.  Charlie writes:

Morning Jared,

Just back from a great long weekend fishing the Tongariro. Finally managed to get a picture of my wife Monica with a fish. The last time she caught, the little bugger squirmed out of her hands before I could get the camera out. This time she took some good advice and left the fish in the net while I got the camera out. She was over the moon anyway. I also had my friend Ben from Belgium with me. He’d never done any type of fishing before…ever. I was amazed at how quickly he picked up fly casting. He managed to hook three fish, landing one. I think he’s hooked now!

Anyway, the fish seem to be plentiful in great nick still. Got absolutely smoked by a couple myself!

All the best Charlie

a charlie 2 dixon aug 2017.jpg

(Above) Monica with another Squirmy thing !

(Below) Ben from Belgium with a thing sweeter than a Belgian chocolate fish ! The real thing !

a charlie 1 dixon sep 2017.jpg


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